Online Invoice generator

December 16th, 2014

When opportunities comes, it is up to you whether to grab it or lose it. I am happy to see if there’s online opportunity comes to me, if everything sound good to me. I would go ahead. So my friend asked me about online invoice, it’s my first time to know there is such online invoice. lol

I didn’t know that there’s requirement on online invoice at all. It’s interesting and I am learning something new everyday.

Today is Tuesday, I have book my son to date tomorrow, we going to watch movie Hobbit 123 together. We enjoy this movie very much, even my dear too but he has to work so he decided to give chance for my son to follow me for movie.

My face having serious acne at the moment, it would be lack of fruits and exercise. I have a good sweat today, bringing my toddler to nearest playground. He played the slide and swing, he even pulled me to slide to slide together but I refused as I afraid the slide will break. lol

My toddler nearly had a fall backward when he trying to sit on the swing by himself. It’s not every being parent, next year he’s four years old. January will be the month Kindergarten starts for him. I hope he loves the place and loves learning with other children.

Fun being me

October 23rd, 2014

I love blogging and loving things I do. Being mommy of two boys, knowing my toddler next year will be 4 year old. It is important to let him learn more and social with other kids in kindergarten. I checked out the kindergarten that my son studied before, twice I been to the kindergarten somehow it didn’t give me any omph! I ring the bell twice at the door and there’s no answer, which lead me to call the number hanging at the gate.

That is why I decide to let him go to another kindergarten which I may find better and comfortable zone for my son. It’s important to find what they are learning at their age, my eldest son went the kindergarten that I sent the result didn’t turn out good at all. The lazy wasn’t putting their effort to teach, it seems if my son decided not to read the book, they just let it be.

We need to encourage kids to read and build interest in reading from young. It’s for their own good, what they learn and gain from knowledge it’s for them not for the parents or teachers. The price of kindergarten fee is important too, I find one that is suitable my budget as I am home maker.

Laser Tag

May 7th, 2014

Being mommy of two boys, I love to get myself entertain. So I have plan for this Saturday, I’m going to go laser tag with friends. Yeah it will be fun as it is my first time to join the laser tag, can’t wait to suit up to shoot. This Saturday is son’s replacement class of Thursday, he finished class 12.30pm.

Looks like my dear needs to give him a ride home, he better goes early to find parking near school. Saturday usually need to park an hour or two hour early for parking.

Besides ice skating, I think I’m going like laser tag. I think son will find this fun too. I’m thinking of bring him for bowling, he no try it before. He’s 8 year old but weight 50kg. He’s school uniform the pants is size 30 inches, he’s saying that it’s tight now. We went back home town last week to purchase his white shoes, he’s wearing size 35 for B first brand. I suggest him to wear size 35 though he can fit 34.

Next Monday he starts having exam, still last minute to revision and he’s not able to remember all. He’s not understand though I try explain to him.

Stay in door in haze days

March 13th, 2014

It’s so much haze here that I find I have bit difficult to breath. No kidding, the haze is so thick and you will be thinking if you are Genting Highlands. Speaking of Genting Highland, my last step foot there was in 1999.

Child education is not cheap, I try to teach son at home but it is very difficult. No wonder mommies telling me that mom can never taught their own child. I know some moms are good teaching their own child and they have them home educate no need send to school, one neighbour told me about it.

I feel like I am going to have sort throat, I drink plenty of water at home. There is no water at home, though we keep some but water supply is low in tangki. Some people bought storage tank for water supply, there’s good and no good on this. If you have child at home, watch out for their safety. There is a case a toddler play the 3 feet water tank storage and fall inside. I have a toddler at home, always need to have my eyes on him.

Now I am taking part in Dove contest, hoping to win a RM100 hamper from Dove. I am going to try my luck because I am putting my effort to join everyday.

My backup plans

February 18th, 2014

Do you have any backup plan if your plan does not work? I don’t have any back up plan but now I have got one. I hope to be invited for an event next week, though I am not sure if I am invited. But I have backup plan for it because I won four passes to watch The Lion Men from MIX FM. Just now heading to fetch my son, I waited in car and I heard the chance to win movie passes.

I just need to be the first to call through and roar on the phone, yeah out loud I did! Just like that I won four passes to watch The Lion Men. Many familiar faces in the movie namely they are from Ah Boys to Men movie.

Let’s wait and see by this Friday and next Monday if I get invited for the event or not. If not I will be watching the movie with my family. I haven’t break the news to my dear, as I am not sure if he’s free on next Tuesday.

Now movie tickets are costly, RM12 for a ticket and depends on what movie you are watching too. I bring son to watch the Lego movie and it cost RM9 for a child ticket, for me it is RM12 as adult.


Interesting Blogger Session

January 23rd, 2014

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the Blogger session with other mommy blogger. Yeah good to see other blogger mommy with their children. It is related to Lego bricks, where children get to enjoy a session of learn, build and play with Lego bricks. I am happy to be invited with my son, he’s so happy learning, building and playing with his new friend. Two mommy blogger with their children have been assigned to classes depend on their aged. My son is eight years old so he’s with mommy Jane’s children aged between 8 to 11 year old. Her youngest son attend the other class which is for four years old.

I saw the kids having fun in class, they don’t just learn what they are building on the day, they also know of how the Lego dragster model function. Something is not right if the model not moving properly, with helped and advice from Teacher they understand better.

Now if you like to read about this post on Bricks 4 Kidz, click on the link to my blog post. I have many pictures to share there. Son loves Lego so much that my bro bought him a set to play, it was gift for Christmas last year.

Sasa Ladies Day in Malaysia

December 5th, 2013

Yes I am ready for Sasa Ladies Day for this coming Saturday. I am happy that it is going to be my first year to attend. Last year I won to go but didn’t go, so sad I didn’t get to redeem the prize I won. :( You can read more about this Sasa Ladies Day on

Anyway this year winning I didn’t see there’s any prize from Selangor Turf Club except for passes to go. My friend won same passes as me, we’ll get to meet each other on this day.

Dress code for the day will be chick/elegance, so I am ready with my black dress. I bought it online shopping, yeah I love it.

November my birthday

November 1st, 2013

Indeed it is November this month is my birthday, I am Scorpio. I am having giveaway if you check out and I want to share my happiness by having giveaway at my blogs. Do check out my blogs for detail giveaway. Next Monday is my birthday, yeah another year older.

I am happy that last month I have many sweet and bitter memories. Bitter memories because son didn’t do well in examination in primary school. We are disappointed, I taught him myself and he’s interested in playing games more than his studies. It’s never easy being parent, we decided this school holiday let him join Holiday activities near school. It is not free, nothing is free here, all about money!

I asked of kindergarten fee for three year old sonĀ and it cost RM450 a month. Looks like I only can signed him up in year 2015. We wants the best for our children, we know the limitation of money because I am not working and dear’s the only one working.

I thought of going back to work but the cost of going back to work is barely enough, think about I need to put son in daycare center and transportation fee, etc.


Insomnia for two days?

September 10th, 2013

My dear just told me that he has difficulty to sleep for two days, what’s wrong? Last night he had nose bleeding.

Perhaps it is about work matter, yeah his Bos in need of staff and they are short of hands and legs to work together.

Anyway I have got camonila tea at home, which he can drink at night. :D

Ninja blender review

August 13th, 2013

My friends have been telling me about the ninja blenders. I have fun at a baking workshop recently and I know how important it is to have a good blender. I check this website on ninja blender review. They have Top 3 reviews by buyers, the Ninja Professional Blender BL600, Ninja Master Prep QB900B and Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771. Now you know which the top three products on Ninja Kitchen brand are. Ninja Kitchen brand has been around since 2009, they have been growing rapidly ever since. Many customers are coming back because of their products. Ninja Kitchen has been known the steady brand because of their design to prevent easy damage and cracks.

Talking about cracks, it reminds me of a brand I bought. After few times of usage I saw cracks and I didn’t want to risk using it, I throw it away. Some of my friends are looking for suitable durable, and longevity brand of blender. I suggest them to check out this website. They have many positive reviews on the ninja blenders. If you are looking for blender, take a look at the website above. It is good start to research a good blender before you purchase.