Happy Birthday to Sherry

This November is my birthday and I am so happy, I purchased a purple blouse for myself. I love it so much, I didn’t go for the Mary Chia pampering party which I suppose to because they only let VIP to go in. It means I need to sign up packages in order to go for the pampering party! Forget it then because I have better things to do. It was waste of time and energy, you know weekend parking is not cheap!

I like pampering moment and unforgetable moment would be my spa experience at PinkRose Beauty, and Skinzense. Last night I have wonderful night with my dear, he invited me to watch premier screening of Skyfall. I will post of the movie review soon on my other blog.

Now don’t forget to check out giveaways which ends soon at my blog. I am so happy they are bloggers participate even though it is not a big crowd. Yesterday I head to MBO Cinema because I got a called from them that I won two passes to see movie! Yay I got the passes and will wait until it is free listing to bring my son to watch movie! He loves to see movie just like me but need careful not all movie suitable for his eyes!

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