If you have pay attention!

Oh well I cannot believe there’s miscommunication between me and him. I have send sms to him and even stated clearly that I have mention exact words of black car. I cannot believe it that he bought back the red truck instead of black car. For your information the Lego first batch of cars are sold out. Today just started the second batch of cars, it is sad to say that he’s not paying much attention to my words!

He’s busy man I know, so much works depending on him. He’s the one earning money home while I am SAHM to two boys. What can I do? I try blogging and blog of things that interest me. Blogging is not only hobby but my interest and sharing of events, workshop I have taken part. I do share pictures on my blogs too.

Recently I found out I used up the storage space so I need start to delete pictures. I haven’t delete the pictures which stated in year 2008 and year 2009. Alright I have got to say that if you love someone, you do pay attention to every word! Nevermind I give him another chance, so if he’s reading it. Cheers!


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