Two growth

There is sad news of my love ones, one passed away another admitted to hospital. Yesterday one had funeral service another discharge from hospital. What can I say? Why both happening at same time?

About the shit blood for seven times then follows up another three times in the hospital. The doctor found two growth in intestines, it is scary and we don’t know it can be so danger for life. Everyone is worry and there is nothing doctor can do but wait. There is no medicine for intestine, but doctor has removed the growth in intestine.

Now my loved one needs to careful on food intake, no more spicy, crispy, crunchy, salty, fat oily food! Even though seldom eating them, we need to take note of it. My bro is concern too and he wanted to chat with the doctor but he refused to give his number. Of course doctor will be busy if all patient’s family giving him a call. Doctor told that he can see the report to know what happen.

I manage to pay last respect to my grandma on Tuesday evening, thanks to my dad who’s willing to take me from my place to uncle’s house and bring me home. But I wasn’t sure if my bro able to go for prayer because it was very bad terrific jam! My mom will be back to nursing home this Friday.

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