Chinese New Year shopping spree

Yesterday indeed a fun day for us because we head to shopping mall for Chinese New Year shopping. My dear chosen t-shirts and short pants, other than that working clothes for office wear. You know the best time to shop is during promotion or offer! I chosen the colour of office wear for him to wear, beidge and yellow are the perfect colour for CNY.

The t-shirts for my man are plus size because my man is plus size! My son chosen the colour for him, purple and orange colour! First my dear tried out the pink colour shirt and it is not suitable for him. I am glad my baby boy too inside the room with him. The boys inside changing room together.

There is still time to shop for other Chinese New Year things and we just need to wait until they have better deal. My sister-in-law ask me to purchase the Yu Sang but I find it expensive now. The bamboo sticks for home decoration we haven’t purchase any yet. I found many beautiful tang lung for home! The colour of red and gold simply irresistible.

Have you done any shopping for the past two weeks?

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