Parental Guidance is comedy mixed rude behaviour

It is our first time to bring my son to watch the family movie, yeah it may not be suitable for him because many words in the movie he does not understand or quite gets it. Anyway he laughs on funny part of the movie. You can find out the 21 century parents are more improve than the old ones. They count on the technology to do almost everything. If this happen I am sure you don’t need a maid anymore.

The parents wanted to go for trip which is just the two of them because they have not been to one for so many years. The grandparents that have not seen the grandchildren for sometimes finally meet the children. Guess what?! One of the children seldom speak up, I mean he does not talk. Things change when grandfather Artie stay with them.

It is an interesting movie to know how the behaviour of children and parents. The parents are strict on the kids and they even go special restaurant for the sake of their son. The restaurant has a chair with nobody sit on because it is special seat for the imaginary friend. Personally I don’t think having imaginary friend is good for kids, do you?

Anyway it is entertaining movie for the family with teens. My son knows what’s right and wrong, he will not follow what the movie did.

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