What’s your plan on Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year just a week away, I have not prepared everything in hand. Well finance problem is one of the reasons, no enough money how to purchase the drinks and biscuits? Anyway just keep everything in mind that I don’t need them at the moment. Being with loved one matter more, we have not start any lousang thought of purchase a pack but it cost up to RM22.

I missed the twins, I last see them in last year September. Today my lucky day a grandma gave me some honey biscuits I am happy even though it is just little pack. She says she made too many and cannot put in the tin so give my friend and me try. My friend didn’t want any more from her, she already tried it. She says she already made at home and ate ten pieces before going school. The grandma¬†waiting her grandson who is seven year old, she says her grandson going for two days tuition Thursday and Friday because she does not know how to teach or guide him for homework. The grandma is very talkative so much to share with us, her hubby is waiting at the restaurant or in car while she waits near school.

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