How much do you love your children?

Are you are parent? Do you care and love your children? Have you communicated with your children?

The other day a friend was supposed to take care of her daughter when her hubby is not available on the day. It seems she didn’t communicate with her on where to wait or find her after school. Sad to say it is last minute that she send sms to ask him, where he usually looks for him. The morning her hubby didn’t follow her to send children to school because she wants to chat with her friend there after sending children to school.

Apparently the children after school just run out of the school gate and almost to the opposite shop, another mom called her to inform that her children crying nobody is there for her children. Now you see there is no communication between children and parent on where to find each other after school. The adult blame the child for running out of the gate!

Thank God nothing bad happen to the children.

It seems on the day after school, many adults at the gate to go inside school but apparently she didn’t follow because of the crowd and she stood at shop to chat with her friend!

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