Mother and son day/night out!

It is fun to have mother and son day out or night out. I can remembered bring him to movie for the first time in Midvalley mid last year. We watched the movie at night and I got the wrong turn when coming home. It took me a long time to reach home because I wasn’t familar on the route but lucky to be safe home.

We have attended the first afternoon tea party at Hotel and he’s sad as didn’t win any lucky draw. It’s not easy to win and I must say the emcee is very boring and don’t know how to entertain people. On this day, another friend attended the skincare event yeah awesome because she won cash RM1,000 with her friends. :D

We head to New Year Eve party nearby but it’s not really a party as not many food provided just syrup drinks. He’s very sad as didn’t win anything from lucky draw.

This month we attended a nearby event and it’s fun for him because he ate many ice cream the night. The goodie bags are awesome for him, many chocolates for him. I am happy he’s happy, I am glad to have my loved one to help me care for my youngest baby while we are out. They waited us to come back and I am happy to share with them the goodies.

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