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Interesting Blogger Session

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the Blogger session with other mommy blogger. Yeah good to see other blogger mommy with their children. It is related to Lego bricks, where children get to enjoy a session of learn, build and play with Lego bricks. I am happy to be invited with my son, he’s so happy learning, building and playing with his new friend. Two mommy blogger with their children have been assigned to classes depend on their aged. My son is eight years old so he’s with mommy Jane’s children aged between 8 to 11 year old. Her youngest son attend the other class which is for four years old.

I saw the kids having fun in class, they don’t just learn what they are building on the day, they also know of how the Lego dragster model function. Something is not right if the model not moving properly, with helped and advice from Teacher they understand better.

Now if you like to read about this post on Bricks 4 Kidz, click on the link to my blog post. I have many pictures to share there. Son loves Lego so much that my bro bought him a set to play, it was gift for Christmas last year.